School Lunches

Please take a look at our delicious school menu provided by Govinda’s our catering company.

Govinda’s supply fresh nutritional vegetarian meals to Academies, Primary and Secondary schools and other educational establishments across the country. Their meals are carefully crafted and prepared to include all the essentials nutrients that a child need. They work hard to ensure the food that they deliver is nourishing, incredibly tasty and even more importantly, food that children enjoy.

School Lunch Menu 2023/24:

School Lunch Menu 2024 (Spring and Summer)

School Lunch Menu 2023 (Autumn and Winter)

Important Information

We are a sesame and nut free school. It is vitally important, due to allergies of some of our pupils that the following foods are not included in pupil鈥檚 packed lunches.

Please do not聽send any peanuts or other nuts in any form e.g peanut butter and snack bars containing them.

Please do not聽make sandwiches using seeded bread, rolls with sesame seed topping, bread sticks with sesame, hummus or any products containing tahini or snack bars containing sesame. If you are unsure then all products show clearly on ingredients any allergen contents.

Children suffering from such allergies can be affected and then become seriously ill very quickly after accidentally eating, touching or coming into contact with surfaces which have been contaminated with nuts and sesame.

Any nuts or sesame brought to school premises will be appropriately disposed of.

Please help us to ensure that all our pupils are safe during the school day.