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"Jodie and Steven are the best.  I have been working with Jodie for about two years.  Jodie has not only helped to make me physically stronger, she has helped me find an inner strength that I did not know I had.  Training with Jodie and Steven is a total human connection.  They build bodies, minds and souls!"
- Kathleen L., NJ

"It may sound like a cliché, but Jodie has literally changed my lifeTraining with Jodie has helped me gain strength, stamina and balance.  At almost 55 years old, I have never felt better in my whole lifeShe takes me to parts of the gym I never thought I would go.  And I am doing things I never dreamed I would – or could!   Jodie challenges me to work hard and believe in myself and helps me set and achieve goals that at one time, I could never dream possible.   While working with Jodie, I have learned so much about strength training and fitness.  What sets Jodie apart is her deep knowledge, sense of humor and genuine care for her clients.  She is a life coach, therapist, nutrition guide, cheerleader and motivator, all wrapped up into one amazing person.  With a great deal of warmth and patience, Jodie is the personal trainer everyone wishes they could have.  I am lucky to work with her."

 - Michele K., NJ

"I am 62 yrs old and while my goal was not body building, that’s a side effect of working with Steven. In the beginning we targeted flexibility and strength. Today, two years after working out with Steven, I feel 20 years younger. I had shoulder pain, that is gone... I had knee pain, that is gone. In the beginning I could barely bend to do a squat with any weight, today, I can squat 1 1/2 x my body weight.  It may sound corny, working out with Steven has been life changing. I enjoy being more active and daily chores are all much easier. Love this guy and look forward to my workouts with him every week."
- Kerry, NJ

"I began working with Jodie a year ago.  At that time I had been dealing with chronic lower back pain for several years.  When I first met Jodie I was near tears admitting that it hurt to walk, climb stairs and that even standing was painful.  She listened and I could tell she wanted more for me and that she would be able to help me reach my goals and more.  Since that first meeting, I have grown stronger physically, mentally and my bonus was I lost weight.  Jodie is more than my trainer she is my life coach, knowing when to push and when to change it up.  I owe a lot to her but I know that she would tell me that I owe a lot to myself.  She is there to push, encourage, educate and motivate but it is up to me to listen, to do, to learn and to desire more.  Jodie, I still think if it wasn’t for your approach and acceptance of me, I would not be as far as I am today."
- Sarah K., NJ

"Steven has been an amazing help to me in rebuilding strength after an illness and has been able to help me to achieve a level of strength I never thought possible.  He is extremely attentive to my needs and quite knowledgeable; he tweaks the program to continually drive me to increase strength across all muscle groups as well as to add variety.  He is great fun to spend time with as a fun intelligent conversationalist with many interests.  I cannot imagine a better trainer."

 - Nikki K., NJ 

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