Nutrition: Learning the Basics

February 14, 2018

In the next series of posts we are going to go over some of the basics of nutrition as science and finish with some practical application. At The Strength Network – AHP, we believe that it is easier to act and adhere to a program when we know WHY we are doing what we are doing. We also know that not everyone feels this way. So, if you do not want to know the WHY behind the advice we give or you feel that you already have a good foundation, you can skip this series.


For those of you still interested, this series of blogs is going to include posts on:

  1. The Macronutrients – A Brief Introduction

  2. Protein

  3. Carbohydrates

  4. Fat

  5. Energy Balance

  6. The Micronutrients – A Brief Introduction

  7. Food Labels – Reading and Understanding

  8. Picking the Right Diet for You – How to get Started


There are many more topics that we will cover in the future and these posts will provide a foundation for later discussions.



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