• Steven Shuster, MS, CISSN

Why Good Form is Vital to Your Fitness Goals

When many people start their fitness journey they are more focused on the more obvious aspects of fitness: power, speed, and endurance. Displays of these attributes are often what thrill us as spectators. A slam dunk in basketball, a home run that looks like it might make it into orbit, a strong final drive that whittles away at the opponent’s dwindling energy reserves. Nowhere in these examples is movement quality (form) primary, but it underlies everything else. It stands to be said, “Form follows function follow form.”

We should note at this point that quality of movement is not the same thing as flexibility or mobility. Quality of movement is a little more encompassing and includes some more of the core components of fitness - strength and skill. Having adequate or good mobility allows you to move through the correct range of motion. Coupled together, mobility and skill allow for the control of your body through a given range of motion. The addition of strength is what allows for high quality movement while loaded.

Having good movement quality helps to keep you healthy. It helps you to be more efficient with your movements so that less energy and time are wasted going in directions that you do need or not want to go. This can help you stay out of compromising positions and consequently stay injury free. Having good quality of movement also makes you more agile, quicker, and longer to tire for the same reason. Whatever your health, fitness, or performance goals, paying attention movement quality is going to be important in the long run.

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