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Born out of my own restlessness, depression, anxiety and wanting to know the truth - The Experimental Body is a journey of self-discovery and true transformation. It will answer the question, "What happens to life when we set a course without limits, without fear and decide to take the leap into the unknown?" I am your Experimental Body.

Have you ever felt that something is missing from your life? Perhaps, even, maybe, try to follow me here - you are missing from your own life? Do you really know who you are? What sets you on fire? Who are you? What were you meant to do in this life? Can you truly answer these questions? Most people cannot answer these questions - you are not alone. The Experimental Body is for those seeking the truth of who they really are, while expounding proven techniques to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.

As an individual, I am immensely curious about everything. Part of this comes from the adventurous, playful side of my nature and the other part comes from trying to find out who I really am. A question that has gone unanswered for too long. If you ever stopped to ponder this question, you have probably been truly vexed. Where do I belong in the cosmos and where will I finally find Inner Peace?

As your guide, I will take the bet for you, I will assume the risk. I must admit, I am not at all risk averse (for most things). I often leap before I look; sometimes into a fiery cauldron of poo, but in my eyes, it is all worth it. I am not just saying that, because it sounds cool or heroic. I have had my ass handed to me on several different occasions and suffered the fate of some really poorly placed emotions. In short, I have effed up on more than one occasion - BUT, I will take all the suffering, just keep me out of a damn cage. The cage of fear and safety and never trying anything new. Give me failure over bars...Trials, tribulations and failures have more to reveal about who we are more than anything else. So, Bring it On!!!

A word: This journey does not come without scars. Fragments of suffering lodged so deep, they have remained illusive to cure, calm and removal, until now.

The Experimental Body is about the different techniques (diet, meditation, energy work, exercise regimens and supplementation) I have used and researched to cope with my own PTSD, depression and anxiety. I will document, record and measure the outcomes of experiments I will do to my body to find how to overcome these devastating illnesses and to empower myself to seek newer pathways to health, freedom and personal growth/empowerment - I will share these with you and hope that together we will overcome and conquer this unrelenting, boisterous, useless, limiting voice in our head and replace it with our strongest, most patient, loving, kind, bravest, badass version of ourselves. We need it!!!

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