• Steven Shuster, MS, CISSN

So You Want to be Fit: Skill

Skill is often overlooked as a component of fitness and it is just as often misunderstood. This is because some displays of skill are very obvious, but some very fundamental skills are not. In sports, tasks requiring obvious skill include things like: dribbling a basketball to beat defenders, hitting a curve ball, etc… These are recognizable shows of skill. However, some may question whether that shows fitness. It is a fair question, but if you recall the definition of fitness (the capability of performing a task) it becomes obvious that it is.

Some displays of skill are less obvious, but no less important. In exercise, repetition is necessary and being able to perform repetitions with little variation is essential. That is one example of skill in a lift. Another example of skill in lifting is accessing strength. One may think people with bigger muscles are stronger, but this is not necessarily true. Everyone knows someone who has that wiry strength or who is stronger than they look. That is often because they are very good (skilled) at accessing their strength. Or, to put it another way, they can coordinate their muscles better and that results in being stronger. Though strength is partly a skill itself, being skillful allows you to direct your strength where you want. Skill creates precision with strength.

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