August 31, 2017

So You Want to be Fit?


Stamina is also known as endurance or fortitude. Though a core component of fitness, there are different types of stamina and different ways to conceptualize it. For example, the ability to run a long distance is one type of stamina, but th...

So You Want to be Fit?

Part 5

Suppleness is probably one of the most confusing components of fitness. First, suppleness can be passive or active. That is, passive suppleness is the ability to be moved through a range of motion and active suppleness is the ability to move...

August 18, 2017

So, you want to be fit?


In the context of fitness, strength is most simply defined as the ability to exert force. Powerlifting is a good example of a sport that relies heavily on strength. Each lift is performed for one repetition at a time with maximal weight.


August 15, 2017

So You Want to be Fit

Components of Fitness:

In the previous post we talked about the definition of fitness and how it is relative to the task. That is, it is not really possible to compare the fitness of a marathon runner versus a powerlifter without also giving them so...

So, You Want to be Fit?

What is fitness? Most people who come into a gym or seek out a personal trainer have the desire to get fit; but for a lot of people, the definition of fitness is sort of nebulous. There’s the general idea that certain people are more fit, and fit...

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